How to find the RTSP address from my IP Camera

Setting up a RTSP stream

This guide will explain how to set up a real time streaming protocol. RTSP can be used in
many software and applications and allows you to stream the view from a camera.

Step 1

First we need a url to access the stream from our camera. The url format is explained below:

Specifies the communication protocol (RTSP is correct in most cases)
Username used for accessing the NVR/DVR
Separates username and password
Separates credentials and address of the NVR/DVR<
Actual public IP address or hostname of the NVR/DVR
Separates IP address and port
Public port. For most devices it is a RTSP port, usually 554.
Specific path for the stream. Each manufacturer uses its own.
Separates the path and individual parameters. Not all parameters are necessary in some cases. If you specify just the channel, you will automatically get a primary stream.
This parameter points to a channel number 1, for other channels use channel=2, channel=3 and so on…
Separates individual parameters in the path.
Parameter specifying primary or secondary stream subtype=0 is primary, subtype=1 is secondary (with lower resolution).

Step 2:

Now that we have the url information we can test it out. For our guide we are using VLC media
player for testing purposes. Go ahead and open up VLC Media Player. Next we will need to click Media
in the upper left of the VLC window. Then select the “Open Network Stream” option to pull up another

Step 3:

Now we must configure the url with our username, password, and IP address. Once you have
the url properly formatted copy it then paste it in the window. Once you are done click play to begin

Setting up RTSP the be viewable outside your network

To set up an RTSP stream to be accessed outside of your local network we need to take a few more
steps in completing this:

Step 1

First, we will need to forward port 554 with the IP address of the camera that is on your
network. To do this you will need to access your routers administration page. If you don’t know how to
access it you may need to contact your ISP or your routers owner’s manual.

Step 2

Now that we have the port forwarded we will need to get the IP of our network that way we can
connect from an outside source. To retrieve this IP address go to Once you
are there it will display your current networks IP address. We suggest writing it down. Here’s an
example of what the page will look like:

Step 3

Now that you have your port forwarded and have the network IP address all you need to do to
view the stream from outside your network is insert that IP address into the URL and then insert the URL
into your application (VLC, etc). Example:

EyeSurv – Setting up a RTSP stream

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